The last month of the year begins and so does the wedding season! Honestly, before now, I have never been quite affected by it! BEFORE NOW.. Everyday I open Facebook to see a seemingly perfect picture of a couple..just anyone.And I don’t  know why it’s hurting me now more than ever.I hate myself for this more than anything.I mean,they are my friends!My friends! Or atleast acquaintances.And believe me, this jealousy and self pity had never been a part of me before..but this time I felt it anew altogether.The worst thing is.. I can’t really stop it! I can mask it maybe but never truly get rid of it.

The other day I was on the phone talking to my cousin and we both somehow connected that feeling with a weird yet very convincing analogy related to food.It’s like, you have been waiting at the table eagerly for your food,maybe a bit too long.Everyone around you has started on with it.Some have reached the dessert,some the main course,others atleast have started with the appetizers!And you have not even yet been seated! It actually feels as if you are the only one waiting inspite of having paid the same amount and waiting with as much patience as the rest of them! So,NO! NO, you are not happy,even if you want to be or told to are hungry and out of glucose literally..and’s just not fair..NOT FAIR! You want your food… you want it now!

It’s so far the coldest morning of the season in my city and I am contemplating whether I should shower or not! That’s when I happened to read this blog.It’s written by my favourite blogger but not just that,it somehow made me confront my feelings and finally in a way made me comfortable with them and even proud of them.

All the single people here..if you are going through the same,just drop anything you are doing and read the entire thing!

And I hope that even if the entire universe conspires to make you feel otherwise(and keeps you waiting for your forever!)you do realize that..


ME ♥


2 thoughts on “THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!

  1. Introvert Girl,

    There are many guys and girls sailing in the same boat. So atleast have the hopes up, that something will happen soon..

    There are good single guys and good single girls. The percentage is quiet low, but still the percentage isn’t zero!

    Keep writing. Infact, I could relate so well that I couldn’t resist but to drop a comment.




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